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Satellite Imaging

There square measure four sorts of resolution once discussing satellite imagination in remote sensing: spacial, spectral, temporal, and radiometric. Joseph Campbell (2002) defines these as follows: spacial resolution is outlined because the component size of a picture representing the scale of the expanse (i.e. m2) being measured on the bottom, determined by the detectors' fast field of read (IFOV); spectral resolution is outlined by the wavelength interval size (discreet section of the magnetic attraction Spectrum) and range intervals that the sensor is measuring; temporal resolution is outlined by the quantity of your time (e.g. days) that passes between imagination assortment periods for a given surface location; Associate in Nursingd radiometric resolution is outlined because the ability of an imaging system to record several levels of brightness (contrast for example). Radiometric resolution refers to the effective bit-depth of the detector (number of grayscale levels) and is usually expressed as 8-bit (0-255), 11-bit (0-2047), 12-bit (0-4095) or 16-bit (0-65,535).

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