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Can We Detect Solar Neutron Events and What is its Importance

Afsal khan*

Department of Physics, Rajshree Institute of Management and Technology, Bareilly, India

Corresponding Author:
Afsal khan,Department of Physics, Rajshree Institute of Management and Technology, Bareilly, India

Received date: 13/07/2020; Accepted date: 20/07/2020; Published date: 30/07/2020

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For the particle exploration in the spacecraft or aircraft the accelerating opportunity is solar neutron detection. With the help of this, we access all the information regarding the solar system. This kind of neutron has the different types of information available like it tell us about the scale height, energy spectrum, and magnetic convergence of field. There are various neutron are present is solar its around 12 neutron which is we study recently and in this, the most important thing is here the solar neutron is detected practically or we only did it in theory.


In the exploration of solar activities the number of an element is present in this process that includes some proton and also a small amount of neutron but the amount of neutron which is present is very useful to get the information about solar and its exploration. There are the number of research is done but no one tells about the detection of solar neutron event and its importance. In the solar system, the proton is collied with each other and this collision of ions produced neutron in the solar system. In this process, the heavy ions and atmospheric conditions also play a significant role and due to this reason also the neutron is accelerating in the solar. The various reaction is to be found in this process that is some time p-p reaction and sometime α-p reaction are found. This reaction is found in the surrounding heavy nuclei or its reverse reaction. The reverse reaction is the reaction in which the reactant is us as a product and product use as a reactant. We direct found the information with the help of gamma rays and alpha rays and that study is present which includes the time revolution, the angular revolution, width, the frequency of the particle, etc. which help to detect the neutron events in the solar system [1-3].

Most of the theoretical research transfer the neutron escaping on the earth surface and some are detected that due to hydrogen atom the neutron are present in the solar system. According to author those said that the neutron is detected due to hydrogen atom whose study based on the neutron is present in the surrounding of the atmosphere of the earth but not in the earth, its detect with the help of considering the magnetic field of solar flare loops and the effect of the solar mirror. In this, we also found the relation between time escaping, the revolution of the earth, the angle, and the energy all. This is also the fact that the time of neutron energy near the earth is around the 1200 s it less as a comparison to the solar time of neutron energy [4-8].