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Is this Earth Formed Faster than Earlier or have a Same Speed

Pankaj Singhal*

Department of Physics, Amity University, Mumbai, India

*Corresponding Author:
Pankaj Singhal
Department of Physics
Amity University, Mumbai

Received date: 13/07/2020; Accepted date: 21/07/2020; Published date: 30/07/2020

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The formation of earth is done with the expansion theory of the universe in which the galaxy is present in a form of the tiny ball then the expansion was a start and the galaxy distance becomes larger and larger. This expansion is known as the expansion theory of the universe. Is this the theory is valid or the expansion of earth become fast have the question and most scientists say that it's not fast or have some speed. So in this, we discuss the same.


Astronomy, Expansion, Physics, Galaxy, Space science, Universe, Speed


How the earth was formed have a various theory which explains the formation of earth in which some are based on the earth and some are based on the formation of the universe. The formation of universe theory first given by Edwin huggel in 1950, that's called the big band theory or universe expanding theory [1-4]. Mostly this theory was supported by the author and this theory is becoming a base of the formation of the universe. According to this theory all the planets present in the form of accumulation in the universe in the form of a tiny ball, and then the expansion started and till now the expansion goes but very slowly. The solar system estimate 4.6 billion years ago and the nebula is present out the solar system. When the expansion occurs the mostly abundantly gases are present that is helium and hydrogen and it becomes different gases clump in the universe. That clumps of gases due to gravitation forces become the core of the gases and after condensation of the core of gases become a solid and that is called the planet. The earth is also this kind of planet. Some of the other authors said that the universe if steady and not expand it is still the same as previous but this theory is not considered that the reason we have that the speed of expansion of galaxy is increasing or not. But sometimes this is trigglered that the speed of the expansion is increase but very few which is not estimated by the scientist but the speed of expansion is increasing yearly. Earlier remember that we started from dust that is a very early theory in which the dust as a form of big cloud is present out the solar system which is condensed and form the planet. This was earlier said by german scientists and than revised by mathematician laplace. That is sometimes called the nebula hypothesis. The expansion of the universe is the result of the formation of galaxies. And this expansion is continuously done at that time too [5-8].