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Lithium is Present in Stars or Stars Produce Lithium

Sarah David*

Institute of Technology, Moscow, Russia

Corresponding Author:
Sarah David,Professor in Institute of Technology, Moscow, Russia.
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: 13/06/2020; Accepted date: 16/07/2020; Published date: 26/07/2020

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A communication device which is frequently used as a light element in various term now a day has sounded very interesting in this world, called lithium. The history of lithium is very interesting. It is first produced when the other element closed to each other from 1.3 billion years ago. The abundance of lithium is changed very few times its around 4 times whereas other element abundance changed very frequently. The lithium presents in planets like earth or sun, but the amount of lithium is varied in all planets like in the amount of lithium in the earth is more than 100 factors as a comparison to the sun. But the very big confusion is that our scientists assume that some stars are lithium-rich but question is that how it's possible if the stars do not create lithium so where this lithium comes in stars and how it becomes the lithium-rich stars.

There is one theory which is very popular to explain this that is The planet engulfment theory in which the earth-like planet which has very rich amount lithium present provide the lithium to stars, its work as the earth has the radiation which strikes on few stars which sis close to the earth and circulate the low orbit system in which the lithium is present in very large amount which transfer in the stars which is present in low orbit system and take lithium and due to this the stars have the red colour but it is not satisfactory all the time. Its raise some question like why the earthlike structure didn’t provide lithium to all the stars and why it provides lithium to few stars.

There is one more concept which is provided that is the red giant stage is present in stars which provide the lithium to the earth. In this stage, the helium is flash which produces the lithium in the stars. The helium is produced from the sun but presents in all the stars as well as the planet. But the composition of helium is also very high on the earth as a comparison to the sun that why the amount of lithium is 100 factors more than on the earth as a comparison to the sun. The helium component is a strike on a few stars and sends them lithium which is produced in stars and because of this lithium some stars color is red. It's found that the stars do not produce lithium but some stars present lithium due to the helium flash and that is called the red giant present. But this is present is in only 1 % of the stars. I think this is very useful in future and we better know about the stars and presence of lithium in stars. I would like to thank my institute and my collegue which give me support for this study.

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