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Study on Pilot Waves and Schrodinger Equation

Grigard R*

Editorial Office, Pure and Applied Physics, India

Corresponding Author:
Rudolf Grigard, Editorial Office, Pure and Applied Physics, India

Received date: 14/12/2021; Accepted date: 25/12/2021; Published date: 30/12/2021

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We use physical laws and theories based on the derivation and prescription of standard models to try to explain the truth of our universe's existence and significance. For our research and applications, general relativity and quantum physics provide us with a set of equations. When we talk to philosophers, however, we find that they never embrace the main ideas based on Einstein's and quantum physics proponents' assumptions. Many eminent scientists are also unwilling to accept abstractions that are devoid of reality, as we know from experience. The two most important concepts in modern physics. GR and QP are not compatible companions, and their long-running disagreement about the meaning of time has never been resolved. Basically, the initial ingredients for cooking the standard model like meaning and existence of space-time with the postulates of Einstein and wave- particle duality in superposition of QP just from not understanding Double Slit experiment may have resulted into all confusions in eating the preparations. Dilated time in reference frames is never mentioned in quantum physics, yet atomic clocks differ in time in different gravity and reference frames. From the basic wave equation, Schrodinger deduced an equation in both time independent and time dependent versions. We now attribute it to all existing entities, including matter as waves, as well as wave particle duality prescribing super position to explain the Copenhagen team's double slit experiment. Here is where the misunderstanding occurred. Although Debroglie hypothesised matter waves first, Schrodinger never said that the wave is inherent with the electron. Let us clarify that this is not a matter wave, but rather a dance phenomenon on a preexisting pilot wave that spreads throughout our cosmos as a result of gravitoetherton superfluid vibrating like a bed rocking wave, as Schrodinger predicted in his equation. As a result, the interpretation should be wave-particle duality rather than wave-particle duality, which is further complicated by Born in probability waves and Bohr's superposition. We have to understand gravitoetherton superfluid and the associated pilot waves as guide waves for all entities as every entity is like fish in jittering water. We are even ready for abandoning cause and effects. The multiverse and many possibilities may look like anthropic solution but there are many fine tunings possible from my theories to give structure and laws with many types of lives apart from carbon based. The multiverse is a kaleidoscope of many patterns and many possibilities and mind boggling when it can be infinite. Entanglement may be explained by instantaneous interaction of lattice neighboring pairs in tensor flow of information from point to point on absolute theoretical time creating an illusion of entanglement in dilated observed time then if relativistic time cannot be applied for in such delicate quantum tensor network flow of propagation in absolute time of lattice interacting in all degrees of freedom in this damn big Hilbert space creating all such effects of entanglement keeping cause and effects , where we may someday derive a better theory for quantum reality.