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The Slowing of the Inner Core and the Loss of Angular Momentum of Planetary Masses and Particles under Dynamo: The Expanding Earth

Daniel L Roberts*

Department of Applied Physics, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin, United States

*Corresponding Author:
Daniel L Roberts
Department of Applied Physics,
University of Wisconsin,
United States

Received: 06-Feb-2023, Manuscript No. JPAP-23-88714; Editor assigned: 09-Feb- 2023, PreQC No. JPAP-23-88714 (PQ); Reviewed: 23-Feb-2023, QC No. JPAP-23-88714; Revised: 18-Jul- 2023, Manuscript No. JPAP-23- 88714 (R); Published: 15-Aug-2023, DOI: 10.4172 2320-2459.11.3.001

Citation: Roberts DL. The Slowing of the Inner Core and the Loss of Angular Momentum of Planetary Masses and Particles under Dynamo: The Expanding Earth. Rev J Pure Appl Phys. 2023;11:001.

Copyright: © 2023 Roberts DL. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original authr and source are credited.

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Here is my Theory regarding the stopping of the inner core. According to my physics a conclusion to it was kind of shocking. But, I might be wrong with the conclusion. However, my physics is correct. My theory on planetary development and Lithospheric Wander that I had included with other theories on gravity and the Universe, UQUE’s, The Energy State of Radiation, and more, in 2005 was the basis of this explanation to the inner core stopping its rotation. I have sent the theory as well as the basics to my theory on gravity to other Universities. This document is to prove that I have been here all along. And, I am who I say I am. And, I am seeking a different ecosystem and the financial means to help myself and my family all have a home. I have lost a fortune and have experienced many bad things, through a system of destruction, greed, and murder. I hope you all can help somehow.


Core; Angular momentum; Planetary; Masses; Dynamo


I have learned the hard way about money staying in money’s hands. As, I am an American and I have worked hard applying strict integrity and honor in all of my work and approach. But I will disrespected and used. And almost lost my life when my work could have earned me a home and a future. Money is just a number. However, it is what we can do with money and to sustain all that is good and to allow opportunity and stability for everyone, not just those who have. Children and teens who are homeless are not being given a fair chance. It has been a deterring of the health and opportunity of a people that is evil. And our entire system is hurting the people [1].

I never needed to copyright any of my work to which I contributed under me given name. The people sabotage and block and judge. It is a preventing, a dividing, a wining mentality by use of taking of dignity and trapping and taking from each other and saying they are right. It has been hell for the house of the sons and daughters of God under the house of Micheal. This planet is under the way of the anti-christ [2].

Literature Review

The occurrence of the slowing of and of the speeding up of the inner core and outer core in relation to the lithosphere and mantle express a wave function duality for which the conservation of angular momentum is expressed by the generation of energy despite the loss of energy occurring form the inner core losing it’s spin velocity in relation to the lithosphere/mantles velocity [3].

The creation of the earth’s procession was strongly affected by the cooling, expanding, diffusing of elements by separation under thermal pressure from gravitational pressure, slowly caused the differentiation of angular moment by shear stress from viscous cooling and heating by the decrease of thermal pressure and the increase of thermal pressure from earth expansion, the release of thermal energy and the regaining of thermal energy by thermal pressure between the core and the lithosphere/mantle.

The differentiation of viscosity in a spherical mass attempting to create symmetry by the distribution of its own inner mass at peak density and spin velocity at peak superimposition “gain” of gravity, led to the Zero degree axis of rotation with no Precession [4]. However, one can assert that indeed a Precession occurred from the wobbling contraction of the forming Earth before it reached MAX density before cooling, to which a Precession existed but tightened itself to hold a Precession angle for a longer period of time [5].

The differentiation of the viscous layers within the earth attempting to create symmetry in shape, density and function under thermal tempering of the rock, water, metals, gasses, within the earth, led to a start of a precessionary angle and or change to the initial formed angle [6]. The differential liquid currents of the viscous layers such as the outer core, created an angular drag in relation to the inner core, for which such drag put a slowing to the inner core to match the speed of the outer core [7]. For, which the outer core’s water-like fluidity would mediate the different angles in time of the lithosphere/mantle and the inner core and the angular relationship between them trying not to be out of synchronization in time and in position. Thus, causing a generation of energy to occur between them, as loss occurs over time to propel each other forward in time as a response to the catching onto the momentum in relation to the driving loss and other thermal expansion and contraction to affect momentum in relation to thermal energy application [8].

Thus, causing a generation of energy to occur between them despite a loss occurring amongst a falling backward in spin occurring for the entire planet as this generation of energy amongst the decaying loss takes place like a crank to conserve energy and mass through the conservation of angular momentum and thermal energy under the loss of thermal pressure and gravitational pressure from the decrease in the earth’s gravitational superimposition as it expands [9].

This would express a retrograde to the inner core in relation to the lithosphere and vice versa, for which energy is generated to compensate for loss in an attempt to hinder the breaking of the transmission of Torque between unequal parts in the distribution of energy throughout the earth’s mass. Like, a clutch for an automobile.

The moving backward and forward of the inner core and the lithosphere/mantle as it drags backward in time marginally over many years, as it oscillates like a spirit level finding true balance, the inner core would in exchange of slowing would stabilize precession angle, for which any reestablishing of equal velocity between the inner core and the lithosphere/mantle along with the increase of any centripetal/centrifugal momentum to stabilize maximum earth density, would transfer to the motion and stabilization of the earth’s precessional velocity [10]. The moon did the exact same thing as it cooled and became gravitationally locked with the earth [11].


The rotation drag per viscous layer, per viscous layer, transfers energy slower in relation to the decrease of thermal energy ripples in relation to the expansion of the earth by release of thermal energy at the lithosphere and asthenosphere to decrease gravitational pressure, as the superimposition of gravity decreases from earth expansion [12]. Creating the precession of the earth from the point of it’s peak density and spin. Just to generate energy in a relationship between the angular stress between viscous layers, creating a behind in time in relation to the core, as precession is generated to conserve the loss of energy. Just to have a generation of energy occur between the inner core and the lithosphere to reestablish the inner spin ratio between it and the lithosphere in relation to the angle of the earth’s precession and precessionary speed [13].

This creates a fluid transference of energy without losing or gaining momentum to which would prevent strong impacts of bursts of energy from transferring spin or strong losses throughout the earth decaying process [14]. This causes the earth’s precession to tighten and loosen just marginally, as the inner earth crank like motion back and forth but moving backward in its timing, to catch any loss of angular change and speed. But, as it does, does it slow even more.

The last effect of the re-establishing of the earth’s inner core spin, is the tilt angle of the earth in relation to its orbit around the sun. Eventually, the gravitational discrepancies will very, very, very, slowly cause a reaction of instability due to the stagnant layers of the earth compressing in relation to the orbital ellipse, to cause a release of thermal energy and pressure to force a thermal pressure increase to regenerate viscosity as well as spin, to torque, to the precessionary ratio [15].

This would in theory lead to an inner earth release of thermal energy to trigger condensing of the earth to generate momentum and fluidity. But that would mean planetary changes will occur within the near future. A year and a half ago to about two years ago, I felt like the earth increased its speed of rotations. It felt like the days went by quicker. It might just be my biorhythm has changed due to age. However, if the core stopped its speed of rotations and it is now rotating the same speed as the lithosphere, then if the inner core was ahead of the lithosphere it time, then I am correct about viscous changes and angular momentum and so forth slowing the inner core’s speed in a wave fluctuation of cooling and reestablishing of heat and viscosity. But if the inner core was ahead of the lithosphere/mantle in speed and has slowed to a current time of being at rest with the lithosphere then it means that the out core’s liquid fluidity is not only a clutch-like fluid bearing of pressurized liquid metal that transfers energy and direction, but it would express that the weight of the equatorial region in the centrifugal centripetal relationship with torque and angular momentum is a swiveling disk that creates a wavelength pattern of motion over a course of time as the precession of the earth continues.

But that would mean that my theory would be correct but the crank like motion to generate energy and try to reestablish speed angular momentum would be more like a socket wrench where the torque arm moves backward to latch onto friction and then moves forward in time. But that would mean that action would cause the core to slowly slip ahead again, as the lithosphere slips behind to then grab onto the core and swing itself toward the core in a centripetal effect to move the inner core behind in time as the fluid bearing of the outer core, eventually transfers the swing of the difference between the inward pull and the outward pull of the lithosphere/mantle sliding backwards as it under precession, so that at the right precessionary angle, the torque will move the lithosphere forward to transfer energy to the fluid bearing outer core, which would then conduct that spin to the solid inner core.

But that’s just it. If the days are speeding up then it could be that the precession angle might be torquing the large mantle and lithosphere around the fluid bearing that is slippery between the inner core and the lithosphere. Which, then it would express the core slowing and stopping and then being observed to be moving behind in time and speed in relation to the lithosphere/mantle.

Inner core slowing

Destruction imminent not total destruction of life. With your financial help my family can be happier and healthier and I can create an equation and technology and more to help the people. Please do contact me via email. I used aerodynamic drag to explain centripetal to centrifugal ratio fluctuation that would cause compression or expansion by inner angular momentum variations between the inner core and the mantle.

So, by the fluid convection of the elements constantly moving within the earth, the friction from a lack of centrifugal countering force would force lighter particles to rise from the pressure as the heavier particles sink. (i.e., the lack of current underneath causes a quicksand type of sinking).

Now this process of diffusion and distillation helps increase convection flow to increase spin like pulling your arms in a you spin. It's a conservation of angular momentum. However, what is occurring would be a pulse like compression from this decrease of centrifugal force causing thermal energy to not conduct the action of spin, for which resistance builds on motion of spin to increase the resistance of the kinetics of spin in relation to the inner workings of its mass in relation to the shape of its spherical body vice versa the fluid bearing outer core will squish with pressure like a hydraulic pump and increase thermal energy as pressure cannot be converted to spin. Do you get what I'm saying now? The spin of the core and the mantle/lithosphere are in an oscillating dance, as they move like a wave moving up and down as the earth spins and undergoes procession.

This causes a smooth back and forth. It’s like a socket wrench moving back and forth or like a fish moving its tail, as the earth pulses in breath to keep its energy moving in a balance. Like a homeostatic life existing in a universe of active energy. And by such an action, it expresses a generation of energy, an action potential. Which is the same for human life, plant life and the neurological system. The spin of the earth never stops in relation to each other to a complete halt until the earth has decayed completely like the moon has done.

The earth is not that far gone yet: In regards to the magnetic field. The dynamo should cause an increase in the magnetic field not a decrease. It might stall out. But thermal energy and pressure building, which is expressing a clog or resistance, which when the thermal energy and pressure build within the outer core and mantle the building energy will amplify the electromagnetism of the outer core and a push of the establishing of the oscillating spin relationship between the inner core and mantle/lithosphere will occur once again to see the core spinning faster than the rest of the earth.


However, the inner core can seem to be moving backwards until the process catches and its seems to be moving forward ahead of the earth, as they both move backward in relation to each other, as a smooth procession occurs under a conserved angular momentum, as the earth expands as it cools and the superimposition of the force of gravity decreases to decrease compression pressure and thermal pressure as the earth decays. Both explanations express the same thing happening simultaneously. God Bless you all and life continues on all will be well. Time moves like a turtle and growth and change are always going to happen. Let’s live life. And hinder blocking people by negative implants and abuse. Even during the planetary changes that I feel will be occurring within the century.