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A Review on Recent Advancements in Rare-Earth based Double Perovskite Compounds


Double Perovskites (DP) materials with the rare-earth based compound is the most and widely studied due to its various fascinating properties such as magnetic, structural, electrical and optical properties. In this article, we comprehensive reviewed the structural as well as magnetic properties of A2XMnO6 (A=La, Nd and X=Cr, Ni, V) double perovskite compounds. It has been found that the Rare-Earth Based Double Perovskite (REBDP) compounds exhibits different structural and magnetic properties by changing the synthesis methods. Moreover, magnetic field and temperature affect the electronic and magneto electric characteristic of REBDP. These changes occur because of different exchange interactions such as super exchange interaction and double exchange interaction. Therefore, this review helps to exaggerate the new properties of these materials by introducing another synthesis method. In addition, a wide window is open where the ions at A site and X site can be varied to explore the new materials which are environment friendly and energy efficient.

Charu Agarwal, Hitesh Mittal, Tabassum Bano, Jitendra Kumar, Mahendra Gora, Arvind Kumar, Subhash Chandra, Sagar Vikal, Yogendra K. Gautam, Sanjay Kumar

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