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A Tentative Viewpoint on Presupposition of Invariance of Light Speed


In order to analyze the presupposition of the invariance of light speed, the actual propagation distance of satellite signals between satellites and ground was measured by GNSS receivers in GNSS measurement experiments. It was found that the actual propagation distance was not the distance between the space position point of the satellite signal at the moment of transmitting, which we usually think of as the satellite ephemeris, and the receiving station, but the distance between the instantaneous satellite position point when the receiver receives the signal and the receiving station. It was concluded that for different reference systems, only by standing in the high-order multidimensional space of four or more dimensions, can we correctly understand that the essence of the invariance of light speed, which is actually the same mutual space distance with the same mutual time interval, rather than the different mutual space distance with the mutual different time. Xinli Zhou

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