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Analysis and Application of Space Plasma


The universe is completed of space plasma. Plasma is the word which is given to the fourth part or state of substance (solid, liquid, gas, plasma). Plasma is a gas, i.e., so hot that some or all its essential atoms are split up into electrons and ions, which can move independently to each other. Because they are made up of electrically charged particles, plasma may be intensely partial by electro-static and electro-magnetic fields and forces, which can be lead to very difficult and fascinating performance. Plasmas are found through the Solar System and beyond in the solar corona and solar wind, in the magneto-spheres of the Earth and other planets, in extensions of comets, in the inter-stellar and space media and in the layer disks around black holes. There are similarly plasmas here on Earth, ranging from the inside of a nuclear fusion reactor to a candle glow. In the Space Plasma, we studied plasmas in the Earth's magnetosphere and the solar wind and plasma sphere, and what happens when they interact.

Amar PJ, Sumita M

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