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Analytical Analysis of Axisymmetric Deep Drawing Process.


Mathematical description of the processes of sheet metal forming is very complicated process because of varying loading history and complex stress state in each point of material. The parameters for description of metal behaviour by the mathematical models of sheet metal forming are normally taken from a simplest mechanical test such as, for example, uniaxial traction test. Lately some new tests were developed which are closed to reel forming processes. Deep-drawing of a cylindrical cup occupies a particular place between these tests since it allows study the material work hardening, conditions of friction, springback, wrinkling, plastic flow instability, fracture and some others effects at the same time. In this research, deformation process of a thin ring plate with circular hole has been analyzed. By taking into account the thickness variations, and work hardening, the forming of thin ring plate at plane stress condition has been considered. It is shown that the deformation procedure of each point in the blank can be analysis by non-linear vector function of plasticity

Najmeddin Arab, and Ernest Nazaryan

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