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Biochemical Aspects of Ricin-Ribosome Complex: A Short Review


The large ribosomal subunit contains a highly conserved RNA sequence (GAGA tetra loop) which is crucial for the binding of the elongation factors during translation. Ribosome- inactivating proteins (RIPs) like ricin and alpha sarcin binds at this sequence and discourage the interaction of the elongation factors thus, inhibiting the translation process. Ricin is a heteromer composed of two subunits RTA and RTB linked by a single disulphide bond. The B subunit does not interact with the ribosome but is only a carrier of the catalytically active subunit A. In this paper we have tried to name some of the ricin inhibitors and their mechanism of action. Also, we have suggested strategies to select an appropriate and effective method amongst the various methods.

Jaya L Kulkarni, Meenakshi S Mulye, Simran R Tolani and Mukesh Yadav*

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