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Contemporary Methods of Steel Hardening in Liquid Media Based on Laws of Modern Physics


 In the paper an overview of early published by author papers are provided and additional data are discussed to support the fundamental ideas forwarded in the last two decades. These main ideas include duration of transient nucleate boiling process, composing of optimal hardenability steel depending on form and size of machine components, cooling time calculation to provide proper time interruption that results in high compressive residual stresses formation and super strengthening of material. Accurate experimental data of different authors are used to double check correctness of forwarded by author ideas. The praiseworthiness of current overview consists in considering all early published material together and showing relationship between ideas. The physical meaning of obtained equations is provided and examples of calculations are considered. Such composing of the paper allows understanding of material and physics of quenching processes to usefully utilize the new ideas in the practice.

 Nikolai I Kobasko

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