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Dr. Prof. Tambara Federico's Logical Progression of Twelve Double Binary Tables of Physical-Mathematical Elements Correlated with Scientific-Philosophical as well as Metaphysical Key-concepts Evidencing the Dually Four-dimensional Basic Structure of the Universe


Through a logical progression of twelve double binary tables of symmetrically four-dimensional associations (all of these being supported by interrelated physical-mathematical concepts and data), the author of this Research Essay, Dr. Prof. Tambara Federico, aims at developing new, more deepened scientific-philosophical outlooks and assumptions (including, among other things, the Millennium Problem of Prime Numbers) that will very probably prove themselves exploitable by both Theoretical and Applied Sciences, as pointed out in the final Part of this "revolutionary" Research Study by Dr. Prof. Tambara Federico (which also contains five remarkable conclusive theoretical considerations, each of them being supported by further scientific evidence based on physical-mathematical data and formulas).

Tambara Federico

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