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Effect of Fuel Injection Pressure and Injection Timing on Performance and Emissions of Diesel Engine Using Nanoadditive Blends


In the present work biodiesel derived from Mahua (B50) was used as an alternative fuel. Metal oxide Nano-particles were then added to mahua biodiesel to prepare novel hybrid fuel blends. Biodiesel-nanoparticles blends were prepared with the aid of an ultra-sonicator and the nanoparticles used in the mass fraction of 100 ppm. Experimental investigations were carried out on a single cylinder four stroke diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel-nanoparticle blends at different fuel injection pressures (200, 220 and 240 bar) and fuel injection (19°, 23° and 27° bTDC) timings to determine performance, and emission characteristics.

Narsinga RL, Ranjith KS

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