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Effect of Fuel Injection Pressure and Injection Timing on Performance and Emissions of Diesel Engine Using Nanoadditive Blends


Concrete is individual and mainly extensively worn building substance. It’s regularly linked through Portland cement since the core structural members intended for the building concrete. The normal (OPC) cement traditionally old because the major file towards manufactures the concrete material. This is a compound substance consisting of a medium contain an arbitrary sharing or spreading of minute fiber, also ordinary. It’s produced with a grouping and a partial mixture of coarse aggregates. The nominal design mix is accessible in addition to scope used. The GFC facilitates to bestow this exclusive compound concrete material its strength. The current laboratory examination of glass fibers has been used to learn (the result resting on compressive, flextural and split tensile strength lying on) Mix proportions 20 (1:1.5:3) (grade of concrete through) an add unreliable proportion of glass fiber. Which coarse aggregate replaced with glass fiber as 20%, 30%, 40%. The compressive strength of curing aging 7, 28-Days. And attained required strength of cast specimens

Vijayvenkatesh C

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