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Effect of Length of Exposure to Silica Dust on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate among Stone Crushers of Quetta, Pakistan


Objective: To assess the impact of silicon dust on peak expiratory flow rate of stone crushers. Materials and methods: The total 125 male study accused age of 18 years and > considered, out of which 75 from stone crushers and 75 were from general population selected from Quetta district, Pakistan. Respondents divided into two groups; group-I (stone crushers) and group-II (control group). Data was together by Spirometer. Peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) calculated for both groups and explored. The frequency, percentage and descriptive statistical measurements observed for both groups by using SPSS 22. Related sample Wilcoxon signed rank test applied and sig level (P5 years (77.42), 5-15 years (79.87) and 15 years and> was (80.50) in stone crushers. Conclusion: This study concluded that important difference found in the peak expiratory flow rate between stone crushers and control group, stone crushers showed the mild restrictive lung deficiencies but the control group was normal.

Tanzeel Ahmed

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