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Effect of Neurotransmitters on the Reproductive Biomarker and Ovarian Development in Giant Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man, 1879)


In crustaceans, one of necessary things for embryonic and larval development is an extensive quantity of yolk accumulation within the developing oocytes during maturation. This type of changes are by the deposition of yolk material in the oocytes, by this oocytes diameter increases rapidly and in each new maturation stages and the colour of oocytes also changes due to the presence of a specific components which is called carotenoid. In this case the starting of vitellogenesis during early maturation is hemolymph vitellogenin concentration act as a good indicator of rapidly increasing until maturation.In central nervous system, the distribution of dopamine and serotonin a recognized as a neurotransmitter in invertebrates. This neurotransmitter has been involved in the control of gonadal development in decapods crustacean. Serotonin (5-HT) stimulates, while dopamine inhibit gonadal development in M. rosenbergii. In fact 5-HT stimulating release of the gonad-stimulating hormone (GSH) that is present in the brain and thoracic ganglia. DA is also present in the hemolymph. The treatment of prawns with 5- HT showed observable histological changes resulted in shortening the period of the ovarian development as well as increased GSI and oocytes diameters and 5-HT also significantly increased whereas dopamine had the opposite effect.

Kumari Aprajita, Ajay Kumar Pandey, Rita Verma, Satyendra Mohan Srivastva and Ugam Kumari Chauhan

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