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Effects of Organophosphate Biocides- A Mini Review


Organophosphate compounds are widely used to control pests. They may not be termed as ideal agents due to the lack of the proper vector selectivity and also the fact that they do cause toxicity resulting into death of humans and domestic animals. The mechanism of action of the organophosphates relates to the inhibition of the anti acetylcholinesterase, which further results in the accumulation of Ach in the nerve terminals. The antidotes which are used to treat the organophosphorus poisoning includes oximes like pralidoxime, obidoxime etc. and also sometimes atropine is also used. Prevention to the continuous exposure of the people working in industry using these toxic agents should be soughed. These pesticides are rampantly used by the farmers without considering the long or short term effects. The alternatives to the pesticide treatments for saving of the crops should be explained to the farmers. The biological pesticides, rotation of the crop and poly cultivation techniques should be made farmer friendly.

Apurva Sahu

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