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Efficiency of Multiple Cycles: Theoretical Study of Efficiency of Cycles


This is an eye-opening study on the overall efficiency of a jet generating motors on the basics of ambient conditions of compressor which produces high environmental condition for effective combusting. In general the efficiency of a gas turbine version of jet production is taken for studying and finding the changes of efficiency that happens on the basics of changing ambient condition on compressor. Let taking the primary and secondary compressor of modern version of gas turbine engine, for studying the variation of overall efficiency on the basics of ambient and providing physical conditions and establishing a general picture of combinations of compressor and its effects on the overall efficiency. Over here, we have two set of compressors were available for producing compression, such as low pressure and high pressure (this is based on the pressure has been used as the initial and provided by compressor, to the air molecule which present on the compressor). This can be defining the nature of the compressor. That is, if the compressor work with low pressure air as inlet and provide comparatively lower compression to the molecule, we can be defining it as the low pressure compressor. Similarly, if the compressor works comparatively high environment, it can be calling as high pressure compressor. In this study, Brayton cycle is used as the fundamental cycle for jet production.

Christine Cherian

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