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Electromagnetic Information Transfer: Stress Management


The use of electromagnetic signalling in clinical practice is increasing in importance in the treatment of various conditions such as joint and low back pain, chronic kidney disease, psoriasis, and depression because of its documented potential benefits. The working hypothesis is that therapeutic electromagnetic signalling brings clinical benefits through resonance effects. Resonance between electromagnetic signals and target tissues, organs, and/or whole organisms causes both local and systemic effects. The transmission of information over signals of the Electromagnetic (EM) nature is considered. These signals are electromagnetic fields and currents. The contradictions and difficulties of Information Theory (IT) and Signalling Theory (ST) are revealed and the reason is justified. Accurate and quantitative examination of signals of the nature of EM shows that the channels of information transmission are discrete due to their physical nature. The transition to continuous channels is possible only in connection with the traditional signal representation approached.

Alex Joe

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