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Authornobel Prize Idea and Equation “Our evolution level is our consciousness level” – Adrian Ferent “What did Darwin not understand? The evolution OF consciousness” – Adrian Ferent “Darwin developed his Evolution theory on animals; I developed AuthorEvolution theory on people” – Adrian Ferent Ferent consciousness equation The consciousness equation: log2 ( 1 0 ) 0 1 2 x N N C N T + − = − + x – the time between 0 and T N0 – the initial number of quantum consciousness states N – the final number of quantum consciousness states T – the value of the human soul cycle (5000 years), for Christians, Muslims, Atheists (70 years). The Christians, the Muslims, the Atheists … who say we have one life are wrong because if N0=0, T=70 years, for example after 30 years people will have the same consciousness, which is not true. Authortheory is a proof for reincarnation, Evolution! Author was interested in the most important aspects of Evolution: Mind evolution and Consciousness evolution. The thought is a single act or product of thinking, the product of mental activity. Who am I? Author was the consciousness! Author was consider the consciousness a probability space and the measure of the whole space is equal to One and because of the consciousness polarity Author was defined the qubit of consciousness and the consciousness states keeping the analogy with the qubits and the quantum states from quantum mechanics. Author defined the level of morality: LM=(L4+L5+L6+L7)/(L1+L2+L3) Consciousness controls the complex relationships between mind, body and the environment. Darwin did not understand the spiritual evolution, the evolution of consciousness.

Adrian F

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