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Formulation and Evaluation of Phytonadione Tablets Using Liquid-Solid Compaction Technique


Phytonadione was formulated as a tablet for the treatment of vitamin k deficiency. Even though it is available in other dosage forms like emulsions for injections but it is difficult to handle, maintaining sterility and administration. So present study is to design a simple and novel method for the Formulation of Phytonadione tablets by using liquid-solid compaction technique and develop a dissolution media to meet the bioavailability.

Phytonadione tablets were prepared using Colloidal silicon dioxide as adsorbent and carrier to adsorb liquid API. Starch was used as disintegrate to achieve immediate release whereas Acacia used as binder which acts as both binding agent and emulsifying agent. All the formulations prepared were evaluated for various pre and post compression parameters. The selected formulation was subjected to stability studies at 30ºC and 40ºC. The following procedure for the formulation of tablets was found to be reproducible and stable. There is no loss of assay (99.2%) and final results are within the limits of standard. Therefore phytonadione tablets can provide an attractive alternative formulation to treat vitamin K deficiency.

Anusha Manthani, M.Sunitha Reddy

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