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Further Remarks on the Oscillating Universe: An Explicative Approach


The purpose of this paper fundamentally lies in bringing to the attention of the reader some interesting remarks concerning the evolution of our Universe, supposed as being cyclic. Several significant hypotheses, necessary to perform a simplified modelling of the Universe evolution, as well as some noteworthy positions, elsewhere used although not properly discussed, are herein qualitatively analyzed. The existence of at least a further spatial dimension is contemplated. The Universe we are able to perceive is to be imagined as evenly spread on the surface of a four-dimensional ball. However, the so called curvature parameter is to be set equal to zero since, taking into account the extra spatial dimension, the Universe in its entirety is to be considered as being flat. Coherently with the existence of the alleged Dark Energy, we have to take into consideration a Cosmological Constant, negative in this specific case. Time is considered as being absolute. It is fundamental to underline that the variations of the cosmological distances are to be meant as exclusively metric.

Carmine Cataldo

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