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Glow Discharge Electron Gun


In the present work, we exhibited the experimental results of the direct current glow discharge electron gun source (DCEG) and their consecutive developments as electron beam energy lower than 5 keV and high intensity beams of tens microamperes to be used in some applications. A new type of direct current glow discharge electron gun was developed and modified for an improved treatment which supplies low –power and high electron-current density applications. This electron source is working on the condition of the abnormal glow discharge. The best working conditions were found to be at discharge pressure in the range of 10-4 mbar and gap distance between the cathode and the anode = 3 mm and a disk of Teflon insulator diameter of 5 mm, finally, the distance between the cathode exit and the extractor (focusing electrode) is equal to 4 mm. Internal and external operational characteristics (discharge and output ion beam currents) have been studied at this optimum distance using hydrogen, nitrogen and air gases. Finally, a glow discharge electron gun was used as a preparation tool of the surface of polyethylene terephthalate PET polymer substrate to be ready for coating or thin film deposition. The pristine PET is transparent and its surface is smooth

FW Abdel Salam, MM Abdel Rahman, and BA Soliman

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