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The Photon – Graviton pair (coupled) has the same speed and frequency, and the photon energy divided by the graviton energy is the electromagnetic energy divided by the gravitational energy, the electromagnetic force (for virtual photons) divided by the gravitational force (for virtual gravitons). This helped me to go beyond the Planck wall. It is our ultimate task to discover a new quantum theory which breaks the wall of Planck scale and creates a new frontier. I found another wall, the Ferent wall beyond the Planck wall, where the Planck constant h=6.62606957×10-34 J· s is replaced by Ferent constant a = 1.590511178×10-76 J· s. I replaced Max Planck equation E = h × f with the Ferent equation for the energy of a photon: E = h × f + a × f I discovered the impulse of the graviton: p = a / λ and replaced Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Δp × Δx ≥ h / 4π with Ferent Uncertainty Principle: Δp × Δx ≥ a I discovered a new electromagnetic theory. My gravitation theory explains dark matter and dark energy! The graviton has negative impulse, negative mass and negative energy. I am the first who understood and explained that the gravitons with the speed of light, c = 2.9979 × 108 m/s, are too slow to keep the constellations and the galaxy together. I explained the gravitation with high speed gravitons, va = 1.001762 × 1017 m/s. The mass of a body, system M = m1 + im2 where m1 is the real mass and m2 is the imaginary mass, is the rest mass of the gravitons. I calculated the volume of the universe at Planck wall, VP = 5.819 × 10-45 m3 and the volume of the universe at Ferent wall, VF = 3.355 × 10-130 m3 My quantum gravity theory shows that the gravitons are too small to be detected by today’s technology.

Adrian I Ferent

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