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High-Energy HF (DF) Lasers Based on Non-Chain Chemical Reaction


 The goal of the presented paper is to advertise the book which is going to be published by Cambridge International Science Publishing Ltd. at the end of 2019. The book content reflects the scientific activity of authors in the area of ecologically safe chemical lasers. Prof. Victor V. Apollonov is the leader of research and scientific advisor of the doctoral dissertation of his colleague and pupil-Sergey Yu. Kazantsev. The following will be focused on solving two fundamental problems: The formation of a scalable self-sustained volume discharge in strongly electronegative gases and the creation of wide-aperture high-energy non-chain HF (DF) chemical lasers  Expanding the generation spectrum of non-chain HF (DF) chemical 

 Victor Victorovich Apollonov* and Sergey Yu. Kazantsev 

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