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Immunomodulation of Domestic Animals Using Conventional Methods and Panchgavya


With increase in the prevalence of diseases mainly the new emerging diseases, finding a cure is like dodging a bullet. Not only this, but the new world also has to fight against emerging drug resistance among pathogens. Overall, the possibility of survival not only depends on combating the diseases by using expensive resources but it now relies more on immunity building. This fact is applicable in the livestock sector as well. The farmer's economy mainly depends upon the production performance of his live stocks. Also, maximum part of his earnings spends on the feed, fodder, feed additives and other production enhancing drugs. But a single sick animal can disturb the entire planning of a small farmer. Hence the main objective of this article is to focus on the herbal ways that could help in the immunomodulation of livestock and thus conserving both time and money of the farmers. Many villagers of India use their heritage and knowledge to defeat the diseases and enhance the productivity of their livestock. On other side, Panchgavya came like a missile against the body ailments of humans. Research product of algae and their use as immunomodulators and production enhancers is now available as a boon in the market. But still there is a lot to search. Overall, relying totally on the drugs for relief creates loss both in terms of animal health, productivity and farmer's economy. So, prevention via immunomodulators is the best weapon to make our animals healthy and to be wealthy.

Rinkal Sundriyal1*, Aarti Adhikari2, Siddharth Chaudhary3

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