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Interactions of Some α–Amino Acids with Aqueous Potassium Nitrate Solution At 308.15 K


The density (ρ), viscosity (η), and ultrasonic velocity (U) have been measured for L-serine, L-valine, and L-phenylalanine in aqueous and aqueous potassium nitrate solutions ( 0.5 and 1.0 mol dm-3) at 308.15 K. These experimental measurements have been performed to evaluate some important acoustical, thermodynamical and transport parameters viz. adiabatic compressibility (β), molar hydration number (nH), apparent molar compressibility ( K  ), apparent molar volume ( V  ), limiting apparent molar compressibility ( 0 K  ), limiting apparent molar volume ( 0 V  ), and their constants (SK, Sv), transfer limiting apparent molar adiabatic compressibility (Δ 0 K  ), transfer limiting apparent molar volume (Δ 0 V  ) and viscosity A and Bcoefficient of Jones-Dole equation. These results have been rationalized in terms of the various interactions operating in these systems

S Saravanan S Rajesh and R Palani

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