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Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of DI Engine Using Madhuca Indica Biodiesel with Nano Additives


Diesel engine plays a significant role in the field of commercial transportation. The rapid running down of petroleum goods and the rigid guideline laid down by the government to engine manufacturer and clients to follow the discharge norms to save the environment from diesel engine contamination. Biodiesel is one of the alternate fuels to reduce harmful effects on the environment. In this experiment, Mahua oil converted to biodiesel by using transesterification process. This experiment has been carried out to Characteristics of single cylinder, four stroke, single compression ratio engines fuelled with Mahua oil and its blends with standard diesel. The test has been performed with the blends of B30 and B50 biodiesel against standard diesel, maintaining an engine speed of 1500 RPM. During the engine, test maintains the constant speed and compression ratio of the engine varied the load from 0 to 18.2 kg. Measuring performance parameters like brake thermal efficiency and specific fuel consumption of the engine. And also analyze the emission characteristics like CO, HC and NOx forms. The engine parameters are emission characteristics of the diesel engine with diesel and the blending of biodiesel. Further work is done on the DI diesel engine continued by changing the proportion of nano particles (ZnO) with the blending of biodiesel. Presented in this paper experimentally calculating the performance characteristics, i.e. brake thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption and emission characteristics are CO, HC, and NOx of a single cylinder diesel engine with Mahua biodiesel at compression ratio 17.5

Narsinga RL, Jamuna RG

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