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On the Nature of Being: Gravitation


Near the beginning of this work, applying beforehand the theory given here directly to astrophysical systems, we stated, “The force holding the astrophysical system known as a star together is gravitation. Deviation of astrophysical bodies from motion in a straight, or geodetic, line is either gravitational or non-existent. The astrophysical endeavour of observing astronomical systems to “prove” Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is, according to the aforementioned works, a waste of time.” Adding, to the applications, those given in the body of this work, we argue herein that there is no change in any distance coordinate in a gravitational field, that the gravitational energy of motion of a mass arises from, conserving energy, the energy lost by the nested de Broglie wave clocks of the mass, that the density, incredibly, arbitrarily small for sufficiently large M, of the astrophysical object formerly known as a black hole depends inversely on the square of the mass M and is given by

Bender D

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