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Optical Characterization of Sr2CeO4: Gd3+ Phosphor prepared by Solid state Diffusion Method


In this paper Sr2CeO4: Gd3+ phosphors were synthesized by solid state reaction method and their luminescent characteristics were studied. The samples were characterized by XRD, FTIR, and Photoluminescence. The X-Ray diffraction patterns reveal the crystallite size of powder. The doped compound emits blue light when the concentration of the doped Gd3+ was 2.0 mol %. A broad excitation band ascribed to the Ce4+- O2- transition was observed and under the excitation at ultraviolet region. The color co-ordinates of Sr2CeO4 are x = 0.17 and y = 0.20, it is in blue color region

Pradip Z Zambare, KS Chaudhari and OH Mahajan

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