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Optical Studies in ZnSe/PVK Polymer Nanocomposite


Nano crystal-polymer composites of ZnSe/PVK Nanocomposite have been successfully prepared by chemical method.SEM and XRD indicate spherical particles with size in 72 nm to 88 nm range. Photoluminescence of ZnSe/PVK Nanocomposite film shows a peak in UV-VIS region and violetgreen light emission in electroluminescence studies. The composites films require voltage in varying nature for light emission. The intensity of EL Cell varies nonlinear with increasing voltages. Particle size the SEM images shows the 80 nm, 88 nm, 72 nm of the Nanocomposite size of the ZnSe/ PVK thin film.

Shruti Patel

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