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Outbreak investigation of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Borena Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia, November 2019: A Case Control study


Visceral Leishmaniasis is caused by Leishmania parasites that infect mammals, transmitted by Phlebotomine, mostly affects the poorest, distributed worldwide and prevalent in Ethiopia. Knowing risk factor is a remedy for control and the aim was to identify factors. The study was during October-November 2019 in Borena. 1:2 Case-control were identified by case definition and 33 cases were included in the study. Participants >18years interviewed and caregivers questioned for legality. Epi-info and SPSS were used for data entry and analysis respectively. Predictors were identified using chi-square at significant level P<0.05 with 95%CI, then analysed using logistic regression to identify associated factors. During the time 153 suspected cases, 9 suspected deaths were reported; among these 33(22%) cases and 3 deaths were verified. Among 33 cases 15(45.5%) were in July 2019, in comparison of 4years data, there is surge cases in July-August 2019, 26(79%) of cases were from Dire, AR=15/100,000, CFR=9.1%. Among all, 15-64year were highly affected with AR=19.3. Case-control engaged 99(100%) respondents and among all 93(93.9%) were male, 68(68.8%) were 15-64years. Adult education AOR=30.438(2.378, 389.602), bed-net AOR=9.024 (1.763,46.205) and walling AOR=0.052(0.004,0.739) were associated factors at 95%CI with p- value<0.05. Male 15-64years were highly susceptible. Level of education, bed-nets and walling were associated factors. Awareness of community on prevention method; using repellents, bed-net utilization, and safe sleeping mechanisms are mandatory. Formulating guidelines for male 15-64years for vector control and awareness creation on feeding habit of Phlebotomine, prevention and control also further investigation were recommended.

Belay Regassa1*, Negussie Deyessa2, Adamu Addissie2, Abdulnasir Abagero2, Gemechu Shumi1 , Gemechu Gudina1

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