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Plant Derived Pesticides in Control of Lepidopteran Insects: Dictum and Directions


Farm productivity is directly proportional to use of agrochemicals as observed from the first green revolution. Modern agriculture practices have been great promise for economic development of nation. Agriculture is the mainstay of Indian economy. Indian farmer is using wide ranges of chemical pesticides to limit the losses from diseases, in which insecticides account for 78%, 14% herbicides, 16% fungicides and others 4%. Chemical pesticide use is associated with risk and health hazards if not handled properly. Agriculture and agriculture allied sectors contribute nearly 26% of Gross Domestic Product of India, while about 60-80% of population depends on agriculture for livelihood. A majority of the population in India is engaged in agriculture and is therefore, exposed to the pesticides used in agriculture. Pesticides cause 14% of all occupational injuries in agriculture and 15% of fatal injuries. It is found that more than 70% of labourers used either “moderately hazardous” or “highly hazardous” pesticides as classified by WHO. However, 92% did not use any form of protection, while handling pesticides. Poverty and Illiteracy are greatly responsible for improper handling of pesticides.

Fiza Khan, Mohd Mazid, Taqi Ahmed Khan, Harnish Kumar Patel and Rajib Roychowdhury

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