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Preliminary Results of Neutrino Interactions Study Using NuWro Event Generator


The neutrino cross-sections on nucleons and nuclei across all energy scales from eV to GeV and beyond are very small and the uncertainties influx is also large. Moreover, there are many processes which contribute simultaneously to neutrino interaction cross-sections. This makes the analysis of data and theoretical predictions more challenging. Yet it is crucially important to know the cross-sections as an essential input to the growing pursuit of neutrino oscillations and the kind of signals i.e., the final states observed. This study covers the results for neutrino interactions from MeV to GeV scales of energy by using mono-energetic, single favour neutrino beams with different targets at different stages of analysis with an emphasis on experimental findings. In the present contribution, we have used NuWro, a new neutrino Monte Carlo generator, to generate events and compute the cross-sections for neutrino-nucleus interactions.

Gani Q and Bari W

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