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Prevalence of Self-Medication Among Undergraduate Students of Life Sciences at BUITEMS


The current learning concludes the prevalence of Self-medication among undergraduate students of life sciences at BUITEMS and is found to beGraph relatively high. In addition, a strong positive association between easily availability of drugs without prescriptions from nearby pharmacies and selfmedication was identified. Besides factors like self-diagnosis of diseases, previous illness experience with similar symptoms, less severity of disease etc also contributes towards self-medication practices by the students.Graph Another interesting finding of our studies revealed that inspite of a high percentage of Life sciences students i.e., 68% were aware of the effects/risks of the used drugs but still practice self-medication and avoid consulting doctors for their medical problems. Thus, awareness and education regarding the implications of self-medication is among university students is must and strict policies could be introduced to regulate theGraph procurement of medications and prohibit their purchase without a prescription through urging pharmacists to dispense them under supervised regulations.

Nida Tabassum Khan, Hadia Habib

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