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Relativity, Energy & Complex Power By Using The Charge


In this research, we investigate energy of particles, by using the charge Q, rather than using the mass M of particles. That is, since the mass M of electrons can decay faster than the charge Q of the same electrons. So in order to be as prompt as we can in technology, we have to be able to speak of relativistic power (electric, electronic, chemical, and nuclear) in the quantum theory. It then becomes evident that one has to make sure to fulfill the requirements of the 1st law of thermodynamics and the laws of conservation of energy, in space, in any chemical process, electric process. That is done and presented in this research by analyzing and further investigating with sufficient analysis the relationship between energy and charge in the 4-dimensional space-time. The Albert Einstein relativistic forces and mechanics have been considered here in. So, is the case for using the Relativistic Maxwell’s equations, the Lorentz Transformation and further the rules and regulations of tensor analysis and differential geometry in the Continuum 4-D space-time. Moreover, I have used the same coordinate systems and frames or similar frames which were used by A. Einstein. The invariance of the charge has been employed to show the proof of the validity of this analysis for any value of the charge Q. 

Tarek N Moaqat

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