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Review of Milestone Book: Electromagnetic Unification of Four Forces


Recently, it was published the book “Electromagnetic Unification of Four Forces” (ISBN978-3-659-76798-2). In the book, it was compiled the progressions in physics organized by the author with satellite networks and accomplished altogether with the anonymous people in television worldwide from 2005 to 2009. During the process, it was achieved many important progressions in physics, such as the mass as spatially localized electromagnetic structure notably by the author and European people in television; the electromagnetic multi-hairy structure notably by the Sate- Commune Group India Member and athletes in video record of 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony; the electromagnetic orienting force notably by the Sate-Commune Group Zhejiang Member; the thermodynamic strong force from electromagnetic multi-hairy hybrid notably by the author and US Congress Senator; the hybrid split emerging weak processes and electromagnetic oscillatory neutrino structure; the gravitational force as electromagnetic curving and shifting red from electromagnetic orienting force; and so on; electromagnetic unifying the four forces. Herein, it is in further suggested that the electromagnetic mass structure can explain the quantum theory of Planck because all photons emitted from electron possess identical electrical hairy strength as electron with frequency to differentiate energy only, and can also explain the quantum tunneling effect with deviation in returning to the original point for electromagnetic electron wave. Besides, it is believed by the world people in television that the particles in collider are simple in conformation as bigger in hybrid area and higher in hybrid frequency, while it is speculative that the theoretical massless gluon resembles half of neutrino.

Zi-Jian Cai

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