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Silver Nanoparticles: The Good, The Bad and The Future


Silver nanoparticles are today a standout amongst the most generally utilized nanoparticles both in key therapeutic sciences and clinical practice. These nanoparticles are additionally consolidated into numerous business items and broadly accessible to all inclusive community. Be that as it may, late reports have connected silver nanoparticles to modified cell demise, and expanded cytotoxicity in specific conditions. This review concentrates on the late discoveries in regards to the promising future and atomic collaborations of silver nanoparticles with living cells and tissues. Potential immune-modulatory impacts of silver nanoparticles and in addition late lethality concerns are additionally talked about. This review article discusses the good, the bad and the future impact of silver nanoparticles.

Mohammed Asadullah Jahangir, Syed Sarim Imam, Abdul Muheem, and Yamini K 

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