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Simulation of Cross Section for the Production of Copper-67


The radio nuclide 67Cu (T1/2=62 h) is an important positron emitter, suitable for combining SPECT imaging and therapy. We evaluated three reactions, namely 68Zn(p,2p)67Cu, 70Zn(p,α)67Cu and 64Ni(α,p)67Cu. Data analysis was generally limited up to about 50 MeV using the nuclear model code TALYS-1.6. The result compared favourably with earlier experimental as well as other theoretical works in literature. Using the radionuclide production yield equation, the calculated thick target yield for 70Zn(p, α)67Cu reaction is 6.3 MBq/μA. The effect of certain operational parameters on the thick target yield of copper-67 was investigated and a numerical equation was obtained for thick target yield by employing standard integral method. A critical comparison of the various production routes of 67Cu is presented. The 70Zn (p, n) 64Cu reaction, utilizing a highly enriched target, is the method of choice if low energy cyclotron are available

Edusei G, Andam AB, Banini GK, Fletcher JJ and Tandoh J

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