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Size Biased Lindley Distribution Properties and its Applications: A Special Case of Weighted Distribution


 The purpose of this paper is to introduce a size biased Lindley distribution. Size biased distribution is a special case of weighted distributions. Weighted distributions have practical significance in situations where units in population do not follow the exact distribution from which they are supposed to belong. That means some types of biased occur in a density function and most commonly the units are size biased in certain circumstances, which means probability is proportional to the size of the random variable. Lindley distribution has its applications in reliability and lifetime models and in certain situations probability is proportional to size of the variate that’s why the proposed version which is size biased will be modeled such situations more reasonably and more precisely. Major properties of the density function are also discussed in this paper such as moments, measure of skewness and kurtosis, moment generating function, characteristics function, and coefficient of variation, survival function and hazard function which are derived for understanding the structure of the proposed distribution more briefly

 Arooj Ayesha

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