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Studies on Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Spray Deposited Manganese Oxide (MnO2) Thin Films


Manganese Oxide thin films were prepared by pyrolytic decomposition of manganese acetate as a precursor solution onto the glass substrates. MnO2 thin films were deposited at three different temperatures namely 200, 250, 3000C. As deposited films were amorphous and porous having 200-300 nm thickness. The thin films were subsequently annealed at 5000C in the air for 2 hours. Structural, optical and electrical properties of MnO2 have been studied. Polycrystalline thin films with a cubic structure as evidenced from X-ray diffraction pattern. The electrical properties have been studied by means of electrical resistivity and thermo-electric (TEP) power measurements. The electrical resistivity studies were carried out using two-probe method. The TEP studies show that the films exhibits n-type conductivity. The optical absorption data were used to determine the (indirect ) band gap energy and is found to increase with increase in temperature

Bhargande SK and Patil PS

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