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Study on the Electroluminescence of Y2O3 Material Doped with Rare Earth Elements


  There has been a recent advancement in the field of Electroluminescence. Many Electroluminescent technologies are emerging these days with a variety of EL materials and devices. The Y2O3 (Yttrium Oxide material)- a topological luminophore is an insulating, air stable, non-toxic material which exhibits both particle size ranging from micrometer to nanometer. The Y2O3 has a good transparency for infrared radiation and has high thermal stability. This material is synthesized by various techniques like sol-gel process etc. and crystal structure is investigated by various techniques like XRD and also morphology by SEM, TEM etc. The development of high-luminance film electroluminophors like Y2O3 has increased the electroluminescent performance of various devices. These are used as host in these devices and shows outstanding emission characteristics. Electroluminescence of Y2O3: Eu and Y2O3: Sm films to create full-color electroluminescent indicators, is also a field of interest to researchers for its high efficiency and emission intensity. The Y2O3 films are becoming the most stable luminophores and are helping to increase the electroluminescent intensity of various devices based on this material. This report consists of future research and advances in electroluminescence of Y2O3 material. The inventions will lead to significant developments in various fields like health care, transportation, electronic communication and other area.

 Shukla U, Priyadarshi K

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