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Superconductivity-Editorial Note


Numerous of researching is to search room temperature superconductor whose finding make a revolution in energy demand, supply and conservation. Mainly the research is based on experimental, theoretical, and computational. Major elements involved to find superconducting materials are based on coppers, molybdenum, magnesium, hydrogen, iron, carbon, and so on. The different parameters to study the properties of supercenters are magnetic field, pressure, orbital interaction, temperature, phonon-electron coupling, energy band, Hamiltonian, energy gap, doping, superfluid velocity, and so on. A latest experiment on hydrogen rich compound with lanthanum was down at 267Gpa pressure show superconductor exist at 287K on temperature. Therefore, superconductivity field is one of the most important research field in present and have future scopes. Super hydrides are hydrogen-rich materials that appear to become superconducting at high temperatures and pressures. The properties of such superconductor are different from both conventional and unconventional. 

Saddam Husain Dhobi

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