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Targets of Antifungal Therapy.


The recent trend or expansion of antifungal drug research has demonstrated that there is a critical need for new antifungal agents to treat these life-threatening invasive infections. Invasive fungal infections are the critical in treating immunocompromised patients. The overview of the development of antifungal therapy discussed in this article reflects the increased interest in this area of infectious diseases. Although newer, less toxic, antifungal agents are available for clinical use, their clinical efficacy in some invasive fungal infections, such as aspergillosis and fusariosis, is not optimal. Thus, intense efforts in antifungal drug discovery are still needed to develop more promising and effective antifungal agents for use in the clinical arena.

Bharathisha BS, Prasanna Sagar, SB Puranik, Swamy Sreenivasa, and Madhu Chakrapani Rao

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