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Techniques Linked to Rotavirus Characterization and Simple Research


Despite Rotavirus (RV) vaccination that initiates a reasonable immunity, RV can still infect and replicate in a host; due to the endless virus evolution. Numerous RV G/P combinations characterized in both animal and human. The continuous evolution of unusual strains occurred as a result of the segmented nature of RV genome. Uncommon RV strains developed accidentally either by human-human/ human-animal strains reassortment during mixed RV infection or via a direct interspecies transmission. RV genome modifiability creates an insistence for modifying the virus typing techniques for exact virus characterization; besides, precise preparation of the appropriate vaccine. Among RV detecting and classifying methods, each technique has its characteristic benefits and weak points over the others. More techniques applied in RV research to reveal the undiscovered virus secrets.

Ayaa SM Hashim

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