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Tectonic Evolution of East Margin of Lut Block in Nosratabad Area, SE Iran


Nosratabad area is located between Lut block and satellite images in this study show that this area has a complex tectonic history. The deformational event in this area has occurred from upper cretaceous until Quaternary. Tectonic evolution of this area has happened in four stages. The first tectonic evolution (T.E.1) has occurred in lower Eocene and prior to; T.E.1 is a subduction process that has occurred in the north margin of Neotethys Ocean. The second tectonic event (T.E.2) has occurred in upper Eocene to Oligocene, T.E.2 is a syncollision process. This collision has occurred between Lut block and east basin of Iran. During of this event some tectonistratigraphic unit has been added to Lut block and thrusting has occurred in this area. This stage is synchronic with closing of east basin of Iran. The third tectonic event (T.E.3) has occurred in the Oligocene to Miocene, it is related to completing of collision event, during of this stage structural unit that had been formed in this area, has added to the Lut block, this event is synchronic with third deformation event. the last event ( T.E.4) has occurred in the Pliocene to Quaternary this stage include post collision event, at first in the Pliocene a transpression basin has been formed and Pliocene sediment has been folded at this time. Then a Trans tension basin has been formed in the Quaternary and the evidence of this event include: Kahurak fault activity and reactivity of Nosratabad fault, also alluvial sediment of Quaternary has been deposited at this time in the study area.

Elham Nabiei and Saman Bagheri

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