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The Computational Unified Field Theory (CUFT) Challenges the Second Law of Thermodynamics.


The Computational Unified Field Theory (CUFT) has been empirically validated as a satisfactory ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE) shown capable of resolving the principle contradiction between Relativity Theory (RT) and Quantum Mechanics (QM), explaining a series of unresolved ‘Physical Conundrums’ which cannot be explained by either of those Models, and based on its unique “critical-differential prediction” (differentiating it from both RT and QM predictions). This new CUFT advances an “A-Causal Computation” Paradigm which recognizes a new singular (higher-ordered) Universal Computational Principle that simultaneously computes all exhaustive spatial-pixels in the physical universe at every minimal time-point “c2/h” comprising an extremely rapid series of ‘Universal Simultaneous Computational Frames’ (USCF’s), thereby negating any “material-causal” physical relationships between any two (or more) exhaustive spatialpixels found either in the same- or different- USCF’s frames. Hence, the CUFT’s new ‘A-Causal Computation’ Paradigm was shown to challenge the ‘Big-Bang’ Model, negate “Dark-Energy” and “Dark-Matter” as “superfluous” and is currently shown to also challenge the Second Law of Thermodynamics, based on its implicit assumption of such ‘material-causal’ relationships between the degree of Entropy (Ei) at a given USCF’s frame (USCFn) and an increased Entropy level (Ei+n) at a subsequent USCF’s frame (USCFn+j). Based on this ‘A-Causal Computation’ negation of any ‘material-causal’ physical relationships the CUFT’s challenges both General Relativity and the Second Law of Thermodynamics, instead advocating that the evolution of the entire physical cosmos is singularly determined by the dynamics of this singular Universal Computational/Consciousness Principle.

Jehonathan B

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