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The Fourfold Composite Quantum, the Emergence of Space, Time, Energy, and Gravity, and Some Implications


Through the construction of a multi-layered, symmetrical, mathematical model this article explores quanta as an emergent phenomena resulting from the slow-down of the speed of light from a native state of infinite speed to c. As a result of this slow-down, properties implicit to light in its native state ‘accumulate’ as quanta as it were, in order to allow such implicitness to express itself in a state of material diversity. The article proposes a mathematical process by which light at its native state symmetrically transforms to become light at c. In the process implicit properties diversify to sets of related properties, whose elements combine in various ways to practically become an infinite set of unique seeds. The article suggests that space, time, gravity, and energy are themselves emergent and dependent on light. In fact space is suggested as being the field in which unique seeds exist, time as the experience related to the maturity of the unique seeds, gravity as the inter-relation between the seeds, and energy as the process by which seeds materialize. The article suggests a composite fourfold quantum and applies the proposed space-time-gravity-energy quantum to a series of possible circumstances. The first four are more “normal” circumstance: at the atomic-particle level, at the unit-space level, at the level of a Big Planet, and in an Expanding Universe. The remaining circumstances are related more to the Theory of Relativity: as a particle approaches the speed of light, at a Black Hole level, and when a Cosmic Bounce occurs.

Pravir Malik

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