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The ‘Computational Unified Field Theory’: A Paradigmatic Shift in Physics


Contemporary Theoretical Physics has reached a point akin to pre- 1905 Einstein’s Relativity shift: the current two pillars of modern Physics, namely: Quantum Mechanics (QM) and Relativity Theory (RT) seem contradictory of each other and major Physical phenomena cannot be accounted by them, i.e., “Dark Energy”, “Dark Matter” (70 to 90 percent of all mass and energy cannot be observed empirically), the “Arrow of Time” and other existent Physical conundrums. Such a state in Theoretical Physics calls for a basic ‘Paradigmatic Shift’ (akin to Relativity’s shift in Newtonian Physics). The key question is what are the rigorous scientific criteria by which a satisfactory ‘Paradigmatic Shift’ Theory (PST) can be validated? It is suggested that these rigorous scientific criteria include for such satisfactory PST should comprise of: the replication of all major QM and RT validated empirical findings and theoretical relationships, the resolution of all key QM-RT theoretical inconsistencies, the identification- and empirical validation- of at least one “critical prediction” differentiating this PST from existing QM and RT predictions, and the capacity of such PST to account for currently unexplained Physical conundrums (such as the ‘dark-matter’, ‘dark-energy’ enigma). Based on the recent empirical validation of one of the ‘Computational Unified Field Theory’ (CUFT) predictions, alongside its satisfaction of all of these rigorous scientific criteria, it is suggested that this CUFT may qualify as an appropriate PST. Finally, the acceptance of the CUFT ‘A-Causal Computation’ new Paradigm advances (potentially far reaching) theoretical implications such as the possibility to “reverse the flow of time”, negate “dark-matter”, “dark-energy” as “superfluous” – instead discovering the Universal Computational Principe’s accelerated increase in the number of spatial-pixels comprising each subsequent ‘Universal Simultaneous Computational Frames’ (USCF’s) (e.g., comprising all of the spatial-pixels in the physical universe at every minimal time-point, ‘c2/h).

Jehonathan Bentwich

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